Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

Sinco provides shipowners with one-stop turnkey total design engineering solution for retrofitting of the BWMS from Front-End Conceptual Engineering, 3-D Scanning & Modelling, to Detailed Design Engineering for Class approval and pre-fabrication.

Authorised aftersales service partner, design engineering partner, and authorized representative, agent & partner of several renowned manufacturer :-
  • Headway OceanGuard Ⓡ BWMS
  • Hanla EcoGuardian™ Ballast Water Treatment System
  • NK-O3 Blue Ballast System Water Treatment
  • Sunrui Balchlor Ballast Water Management System


  • Shipping moves over 80% of world’s commodities and transfers approx. 3 to 5 billion tonnes of water internationally each year.
  • When thousands of marine species carried in ship’s ballast water intake are transported to other parts of the globe, the impact can be devastating and irreversible.
  • Such invasion can jeopardise the local ecosystem, and even pose threats to human health.
  • This threat has been identified as one of the four greatest threats to the world’s ocean.
  • Hence in 2004, IMO adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments, which will phase in the Ballast Water Treatment System.

Various Challenges Of Retrofitting The BWTS

  • BWTS Technology Selection
  • Right Sizing The BWTS Capacity
  • Preliminary Design Engineering (Piping, Electrical, Controls and Interlocking requirements)
  • Verify System Fit
  • Modelling For Owners Approval
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Class Approval
  • Pre-Fabrications & Modifications
  • On-Site Installation & Commissioning
  • After Sales Services

Sinco Provides Front-End Conceptual Design Engineering Services

  • Assist with BWTS technology assessment and selection
  • Study ballasting requirements on ship specific to design BWMS
  • Assist in right sizing the BWTS equipment capacity
  • Study electrical power, controls and valve inter-locking requirements
  • Conduct 3-D scanning, model the lay-out and verify system fit
  • Present 3-D overlay modelling and system fit for Owners approval

Sinco Provides Detailed Design Engineering Services

  • Liaise with BWTS manufacturer for total technical aspects and system integration
  • Onboard verification of drawings against as built conditions, review loading plans, cable routing, and penetrations
  • Complete layout and pipe modifications design engineering
  • Develop electrical and ballast controls modifications design engineering
  • Develop detailed piping modification design engineering
  • Develop detailed fabrication drawings
  • Liaise with Class for review and approvals

Added Services By Sinco

  • Assist with pre-fabrication
  • Support on-site supervision for installation and commissioning
  • After-Sales support services

Sinco is associated with 4 key BWMS technologies :-

Headway OceanGuard System - Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) and is installed by in-line method
Hanla EcoGuardian System - Electrochlorination is installed by side-stream method
  Sunrui Balchlor  
Sunrui Balchlor
  NK-O3 BlueBallast  
NK-O3 BlueBallast

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