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MRC manufactures internal communication and broadcasting equipment for marine applications, such as public address systems, auto telephone systems, talk-back systems, marine clock systems, and communal aerial systems for several kinds of vessels. MRC supplied its originally designed communication systems to more than 8000 vessels and offshore platforms. 
Sinco Automasi Sdn Bhd  are the authorized agent of MRC and able to service, supply, install and commission MRC products.  

PA/GA System - (MPA-9000 / MPA-7000 / MPA-2000)

The Public Address System (PA) and General Alarm System (GA) are very important in ensuring the safety of facilities and human life. In particular, this system is designed to respond precisely to emergency situations through the connection with various alarm systems. In explosion endangered areas, an explosion-proof speaker or an intrinsically safe microphone is supposed to operate.  

Talk Back System – (MTB-5000 / MTB-1200)

Talk Back System enables free broadcasting and telecommunication in a particular area such as deck and machinery areas in the ship. All substations can be called to the main and remote stations with the maximum capacity of 45 substations. It can be connected to the PAGA and the PABX system as well. Substations include four types: flush, wall, waterproof, and explosion-proof types, all of which can be interfaced to the Horn/Bell/Flashing Light, and the Foot Switch. This system has the functions of both ‘call in all’ and ‘call in group’ and of the automatic switch of power for the main and the emergency situations.  

Auto Telephone Exchange System – (MCX-5000 / Office-7000 / MATEX-2000 / MCX-2000 / IP-PBX MED-100 / IP-PBX MED-200)

Auto Telephone System is an electronic telephone switchboard with reliability and durability to meet various needs occurring inside or outside the ship. As for the type of telephone, flush, wall, portable, waterproof, explosion-proof, and intrinsically safe (used for normal condition or in the area with the possibility of explosive gas in case of accident) types are available, which can be interfaced to Horn/Bell/Flashing Light.  

Sound Powered Telephone System – (LC-800)

Sound Powered Telephone system is used for communicating with the wheel house, the engine control room, and the steering gear room in case of emergency and for communicating between the areas or rooms when necessary. Especially, being independent from the power supply of the vessel, this system allows for emergency communication at critical spots in the vessel even in case of power failure. It is manufactured to be a waterproof and dustproof appropriate for the vessel.  

CCTV System (non-EX and EX Type)

This product provides a complete visual monitoring solution even when a limited bandwidth and memory space are available by adopting a very efficient method of video compression and minimising transmission load. A coaxial cable (online) system, a UTP cable (network IP) system, or a system using both are available to be used in the system. For the camera, the products come with various types such as indoor, speed dome, waterproof, explosion-proof, fixed, and pan/tilt/rotation types. The CCTV system includes cameras, signal converter, DVR (digital video recorder), matrix, control keyboard, and computer network.  

Paging System – (MMS-100 / MSS-110 / MSS-120)

Paging System is a device to enhance work efficiency and safety by facilitating smooth communication between workers in crane operation. This device is installed in the crane, and is composed of a handset station and a speaker. "Call in all", "call in group", and talk back channels are provided, and alarm bell can be set in case of emergency. The Paging System is vibration, dust, and humidity proof, and is designed to be not affected by the induced noise coming from the electric power.  

Marine Master Clock System – (MCS-970 / MCS-980)

Master Clock System is a device for indicating precise time and date to the analogue/digital slave clocks as well as recording and monitoring the operation data of the vessel. By connecting to GPS and other devices, the MCS-980 system receives data from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and the Internet protocols (LAN) to automatically renew and synchronise the precise local time.  

Loudhailer – (MPA-1100)

The MPA-1100 series Loudhailer is a multipurpose device that is used as a ship-to-shore hailer, ship-to-ship hailer, foghorn, audio amplifier, intercom, and/or alarm system. As a loudhailer, it amplifies the sound through the speakers to a 200~400 watt level and adjusts to the desired voice level.  

Communal Aerial System – (CAC-953A / CAC-953 / MAD-100)

The CAC-953 system is a maritime antenna specifically designed for the vessels, and that receives, amplifies, and distributes all types of broadcasting bandwidth including MF/HF/SW and FM for radio, VHF(H/L), and UHF for television, as well as the video from VCR and DVD. The MAD-100 system also supports video from VCR, Satellite TV, and CCTV signal interface in addition to those supported by CAC-953 system.  

Ex Type Speaker- (HS-10Exde / HS-30Exde)

The product employs the certified flameproof components and cable glands, yet using this product in Zone 0 is strongly discouraged. Speaker is designed to use in possibly hazardous locations (outdoor type), i.e. the speaker prevents undesirable incidents which can be caused by gas, dust, explosion, etc. It has been developed for safety in hazardous circumstances. This speaker reduces the chance of fire or explosion by adopting a flameproof system that delivers no hazardous elements.  
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