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For the last thirty years, Oriental Precision & Engineering has become Korea's number one producer of ship and marine components and machineries. That is a significant statement, considering Korea's status as the world leader in shipbuilding business.
Deck Crane Hose Handling Crane Provision Crane
Knuckle Crane Electric Slewing Crane Monorail Crane
Windlass & Mooring Winch Engine Room Crane Life Boat Davit
Free-Rao Davit Offshore Crane Gantry Crane

Deck Crane

Located on the ships, deck cranes are used for cargo operations or boat unloading and retrieval where no shore unloading facilities are available.

Hose Handling Crane

These OPCO eletro-hydraulic hose handling cranes are well known for their precision and rigid structure, and are the perfect solutions for handling the tanker oil hoses, the VLCC hose, the ULCC and LNGC hoses.

Provision Crane

OPCO manufactures the electro-hydraulic and the electric wire-luffing type provision cranes according to the Standard Crane Specs. The provision cranes are self-powered, and is generally used for expendables and spare engine parts.

Knuckle Crane

The cylinder luffing type knuckle crane built by OPCO is constructed with the knuckle jib and articulated jib design, capable of operating in a restricted space. This particular type of crane is used on the deck of the ships with limited operating space such as a drill ship and FPSO. 

Electric Slewing Crane

The electric motor driven fixed boom slewing crane is installed on a dredger, collecting and moving the ocean floor sand and dredge. The crane can lift up to 15 metric tons, and its operation range is 25 meters.

Monorail Crane

The monorail cranes are built and tested according to the Standard Crane Specs, and is used to load the expandables and engine spare parts. The industry-leading OPCO monorail crane lifts up to 13 metric tons of weight, and can operate 7.5 meters away from a vessel.

Windlass & Mooring Winch

The high-pressure hydraulic winch and windlass can handle up to 25tons of weight. 

Engine Room Crane

OPCO's engine room crane is installed within the engine room casing, and is used for the maintenance and service of the ship's main engine. This crane lifts 13 metricons, and its maximum length is 12 meters.

Life Boat Davit

Hinged Gravity Lifeboat Davits and Winches 
Installed on portside or on starboard, The gravity davits built by OPCO drop the lifeboats with no extra power. These structures are constructed with the specs laid out by SOLAS and Europe's MED.

Track Way Lifeboat Davits and Winches
The track davits by OPCO are built to make the handling of lifeboats easy on a deck with limited space such as a training vessel. These davits and winches are custom built to the client's order.

Free-Rao Davit

The free-fall davits are fitted at the stern of a ship, to drop the lifeboat installed in the BC or on a tanker. The davit is capable of dock the lifeboat in place, with its hydraulic winch.

Offshore Crane

OPCO's pedestal mounted offshore cranes support the offshore drilling, and are built to the API-2C certification and the inter national standards specs.

Gantry Crane

A gantry crane A gantry crane is large, and is composed of jibs, trolley, and hoists. This gate-sh aped crane moves along the rail.
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