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JOWA USA founded in 1965 as Metritape, Inc. They supplies reliable level gauging solutions to marine customers throughout the world. Metritape level sensor provides a reliable solution. This is because resistance-tape is remarkably different from other level sensors; in principle, appearance and performance. The Metritape family also includes the LA sensor series for higher temperatures and pressures.

Sinco Automasi Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor and service agent for JOWA USA's Metritape products. Sinco provides supply, service and support for Metritape tank level gauging system.

Vanguard IV Level Gauging System

Commonly known as Metritape, this non-mechanical, continuous level sensor offers clear advantages over other level technologies, especially in thick, sticky liquids that cause mechanical level gauges to seize.
  • RS232 / 485 interface to control system
  • Level and volume with optional temperature and inert gas pressure data
  • Utilizes rugged resistance-tape sensors
  • Sensors totally accessible from tank top
  • Flexible resistance-tape sensors follow the contour of J-shaped ballast tanks
  • One sensor technology serves cargo, ballast, service and draft

Sentry IV Tank Gauging System

The Sentry IV level gauging system is a cost competitive, computer-based solution for today’s value minded customer. This easy information access and control makes Sentry IV the most advanced system in its price range.
  • One sensor technology can serve cargo, ballast, draft and service
  • Full height and Independent High Alarm combined within a single deck penetration and one cable run
  • Integral temperature detectors allow level and temperature readings from one tank penetration
  • Digital tabular and analog bar graph presentation of tank levels for easy operator use
  • Long term sensor stability and reliability
  • Optional inert gas pressure measurement
  • Easy installation during modular construction

Metricircutt™ Series 60,000 Signal Conditioner

The Metricircuit Series 60,000 is a multichannel signal conditioner for use with resistance-tape level and level/temp sensors gauging liquid and slurries. It is intended for central locations where multiple sensor signals can be brought together forsignal processing.
  • Centralized signal conditioning for up to 60 channels
  • Economical inputs into DCS or other monitoring system
  • Two proportional outputs per channel - level or temperature
  • Field adjustable calibrations


The Metrimeter is a single tank instrument that directly interfaces with Metritape level and level / temperature sensors.
  • Single tank instrument with digital and bar graph display
  • Four input channels to monitor resistance-tape levels and temperature or overfill
  • Five alarm indicators, 1 fault indicator & 3 relay outputs
  • RS-485 serial interface
  • Capable of remote alarm acknowledge and/or horn silence

Deckmaster IV

The DeckMaster IV system provides the critical link between JOWA USA’s reliable Metritape level sensors and the Deck Unit. DeckMaster IV delivers more accuracy than traditional ballast, fuel, and draft gauging methods, resulting in better operational control and more efficient vessel management.
  • Operator can view the level and alarm status of any tank at each deck unit, eliminating the need for common “Christmas tree” alarm status indicators
  • Derives the vertical level when stillpipes are curved. It can also compensate for list and trim manually or automatically when draft sensors are included
  • Optional RS 232 / 485 interface to customer system
  • Cargo dedicated, but can also support ballast, service and draft
  • Sensors can be mounted in pairs with only one deck penetration to satisfy Independent High Alarm regulations
  • Flexible Metritape sensors follow the contour of J-shaped ballast tanks

Metriguard Tank Monitor

The MetriGuard Tank Monitor is a 32 or 64 channel instrument that interfaces with JOWA USA’s Metritape level & level/temp sensors. The integral Multiplexed Barrier Assembly allows for use with sensors located in hazardous (classified) locations.
  • Used with JOWA USA level/temperature sensors
  • Sends level & temperature data to ship’s console
  • Approved for sensors located in hazardous areas
  • Applications: Fuel, Ballast, Service, Draft
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Modbus RTU Output of tank level and or temperature
  • Provides one Loss of Power relay

Main Advantages of the Metritape System
  1. Utilises Resistance-Tape Sensors technology
  2. Good accuracy and reliable system
  3. Only one (1) deck penetration per tank
  4. All maintenance can be done from ship’s deck, no need for tank entry
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