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Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offers a full range of fire alarm systems to meet the specific requirements of every conceivable market. They can offer everything from basic conventional systems to complex integrated fire detection and alarm systems that meet the world's most stringent approvals.
Conventional fire alarm panel for the land market
  • 4-32 Loops
  • Day / Night mode
  • Easy operation and programming
MZX125 / MZX250 / MZX251 / MZX252 / MZX253 / MZX254
Addressable fire alarm panels for the land market
  • 1 - 8 Addressable loops
  • Up to 250 addresses per loop
  • Up to 2 km loop length
Addressable fire alarm panel for the land market.
  • Unique graphical user interface with touch screen.
  • 1-8 Addressable Loops
  • Login via access card
Conventional fire alarms and fire extinguishing panels with marine type approvals.
  • 4- 32 Loops
  • For recessed or wall mounting.
  • Delivered pre-programmed and ready for use
Addressable fire alarm panel for marine and offshore
  • 2-8 addressable loops
  • SIL2 and many marine type approvals.
  • Modbus / Profisafe interface to security systems
Aspiration detector
  • Active detection for early warning
  • 10m2-2000m2 coverage area
  • Several own defined alarm levels
601CH/601CH-M/601H-R/601H-R-M/611H-F/631H-F/601P/601P-M/601PH/601PH-M/601F/601F-M/MD601Ex/MD611Ex/MR601TEx 801PH/811PH/801CH/811CH/801H/811H/801PC/811PC/801F/811F/801PS/830PH/850PH/ 851PH/830PC/850PC/801HEx/801PHEx/801PHExn/801HExn
Conventional land and marine detectors
  • Many variants ensure early and proper detection
  • 3oTec combines 3 detection principles to optimize proper detection
  • Have all the necessary approvals
Addressable detectors for land, marine and offshore.
  • SIL2 Approval
  • Matrix-based detection.
  • With integrated CCTV camera
Oil Mist Detector 6003/7
Manual detectors for all types of plants and markets
  • ATEX and IECEX approve
  • Range 2-50m
  • Automatic self calibration
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Sinco Automasi Sdn. Bhd.

PLO 755, Jalan Keluli 11,
Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate,
81700 Pasir Gudang,
Johor, Malaysia.

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