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Riken Keiki is a leader in Portable Gas Detectors and Fixed Gas Detector System including Fixed Gas Sampling System.
CVS Controls Ltd. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Control Valves and associated instrumentation products. CVS is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of high quality products for the process control industry such as Control Valves and Trim, Actuators, Pressure Controllers, Chemical Injection Pumps, Centrifuges, Regulators
Control Valves Pressure Sensors
1 thru 6" E-Series Globe Valves 7970 Pressure Pilot
8" Series E Globe Valves CVS Series 2000
Series EW Globe Valves CVS Isolation Valve
Series D Globe and DA Angle Valve  
Series H900, H1500, H2500 Centrifuges
Series HPX and HPAX 18000 Series
Series EZ Hand Centrifuge
Series V100 Ball Valve Tubes and Shields
Series DBQ and DBAQ Sample Heater
CVS 128 PQC Centrifuge Tube Holder
ESD Chemical Pumps
Product Manual - SCHA Series 50
ESD Systems Series 51
  Electric Chemical Pump - AC
Actuators Electric Chemical Pump - DC
657 Actuator Low Emission Chemical Pump
667 Actuator CVS XHP 10000 PSI Hand Pump
470 Piston Actuator High Pressure Hand Pumps
1008 Handwheel Actuator Low Pressure Hand Pumps
1051/1052 Actuator  
CVS Rack and Pinion Actuator Thermometers
CVS Series 35 Through 70 Scotch Yoke Thermometers
Controllers Bi-Metal Thermometers
CVS 4150/4160 and LE Pressure Controller  
Regulators Dew Point Testers
Series 627H Product Overview
Series 630 HP  
Series 67 CFR Gauges
Series 67 AFR 6" and 10" Test Gauges
Series P32 LP Gas 4" Gauge
Series P37 LP Gas  
Series 95H Other
Series 1301F and 1301G Oil Thief
CVS 670 Panel Mounted Loading Assembly Dead Weight Tester
  Hand Pump Carrier
3 Way Valves Hinged Clip Circular Chart Pens
CVS Series 4057 - CG, CP, and CE Graduated Cylinders
Limit Switches Positioners
CVS 870 CVS 1000L
CVS 500 CVS 1000R
  CVS 1200
  CVS 2400
  CVS 3400
Sinco Automasi
  PLO 755, Jalan Keluli 11, Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.  
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Core Expertise
Core Expertise
  Our Work & Services
Our Work & Services
Our Work & Services
  Marine System
Marine System
Marine System
Sinco Automasi Sdn. Bhd.

PLO 755, Jalan Keluli 11,
Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate,
81700 Pasir Gudang,
Johor, Malaysia.

TEL: +607-255 2898

FAX: +607-255 5898

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