Marinelec Technologies

Marinelec Technologies is a specialist of electronic safety equipment for the maritime sector.
They design and manufacture alarm systems for all type of vessels.

Fire Detection Alarm Panels


The CARINA fire detection unit is a conventional type panel including 8 zones. Its total capacity is 256 manual call points or detectors, with a standard or waterproof base. For each zone, you can connect 32 detectors and/or manual initiators (optical smoke detectors, rate of temperature rise detectors, flame detectors, in standard or intrinsically safe mode), remote alarm indicators, etc.


Conventional 4 zones fire detection panel. The AURIGA is a safety device approved by Bureau Veritas providing automatic and manual distribution of the "general alarm" and "abandon ship" signals.

For each zone, you can connect up to 10 detectors or manual call points, with standard or watertight bases. (optical smoke detector, heat, flame, or intrinsically safe). It has a double 24VDC power supply. Quick and easy to install and easy to use.


PHOENIX V2 is a very compact networkable 2 loops analogue addressable fire detection panel. Allows decentralized configuration of up to 8 panels and 2016 detectors. Integrates Cause & Effects software to program integrated I/Os and loop devices operation.

Each panel can be used as a fire detection panel or as a simple repeater panel. Each panel can display the complete configuration of the vessel.


Optical Smoke Detector , Flame Detector, Heat Detector , Multisensor Detector , Watertight Kit, Isolating Base, Sounder & Beacon Addressable Base.

Alarm Monitoring System


The supervision systems provide the general alarm and instrumentation and control systems onboard any type of vessel.

Vessel equipment monitoring:
  • Engines and generators
  • Liquid levels: diesel, fresh water, grey water, black water, new and used oil.
  • Water ingress and dewatering.
  • Navigation lights.
  • Watertight doors and hatches.
  • Technical alarms.
  • Electrical power.
  • Hydraulic power.

Vessel equipment control:
  • Inside and outside lighting
  • Floodlights
  • Windscreen wipers.
  • Transfer pumps, ballasting pumps, bilge pumps, firefighting pumps,
  • Ventilations.
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