Rotork is the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company that operates in any market where the flow of gases or liquids needs to be controlled. Rotork manufactures a full range of Flow Control products including Actuators, Gearboxes, Instrumentation and Control, and Valve Accessories.  

Electric Actuators

Electric actuator ranges also include the AWT for simplified control duties, ROM, ROMpak and Q direct drive actuators for small quarter-turn valves and IEEE qualified NA actuators for the nuclear power industry.

Model : IQ3 Range, CK, AWT Range, NA, Q, ROM, ROMpak, 400 Series, PAX1, Schischek, Fire Protection, ExMax, ExRun/ExLin, ExCos/ExBin,SM-1700/SM-5000, SM-6000, LA-2400, LA-2500

Process Control Actuators

Control valve actuators for control of flow or pressure in a process and motion control in other applications.

Model : CMA, CVA, LA-2000, SM-1700/SM-5000, SM-6000,

Fluid Power Actuators

Rotork Fluid Systems’ product offering encompasses GP, CP and RC200 / RCI200 ranges of scotch-yoke pneumatic actuators, GH (scotch yoke) and RH (rack and pinion) hydraulic actuators, the GO range of gas-over-oil actuators, the HPG range of high-pressure direct-gas actuators and the Skilmatic range of electro-hydraulic actuators.

Model : GT, GTS, RC200, RC1200, K-Tork, Type K Damper Drives, CP, 4P/4H, GP/GH, LP/LH, RH, RHQ, GO, ELB, HPG, ACS, Subsea, Masso Marine VRC, CQ, manpower, HPU

Gearboxes And Valve Accessories

Rotork Gears delivers innovative solutions to individual valve gearbox and valve accessory requirements, drawing on an unrivalled range of quality products. Rotork Gears can supply valve accessories including mounting kits, spools, pedestals, extension spindles, switchboxes, positioners, handwheels and chainwheels.

Type : Multi-Turn Gearboxes, Quarter-Turn Gearboxes, Nuclear Gearboxes, SPI Smart Position Indicator, Direct Mount
             Chainwheel, Soldo Range Switch Boxes, Roto Hammer, Mastergear

Pneumatic Valves And Manifolds

Rotork interrogate problems and provide comprehensive solutions for the control of hydraulic and pneumatic actuated process valves, on both onshore and offshore installations, whether fixed or floating production facilities including FPSO’s.

Model : Air Preparation (3550 Series, 3500 Series, 3575 Series), Poppet Valve(1750 Series), Spool Valve (1500 Series, 1600
              Series, 1650 Series, Ancillaries (4500), Direct Acting Solenoid Valves (67 Series, 70 Series), Slide Valve

Instrument Valve

Filter Regulation                  : YT-200, YT-220, YT-205, YT-225
Volume Booster                  : YT-300, YT-305, YT-320, YT-325, YT-310, YT-315


I/P Controller                        : YT-930, YT-940
Pneumatic Positioner          : YT-1200L
Electro-Pneumatic               : YT-1000L, YT-1050
Smart Positioners                 : YT-2500,YT-2501, YT2550, YT-2600, YT-2700, YT-3300, YT-3301, YT-3303, YT-3350,
                                              YT-3400, YT-3450, TMP-3000
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Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate,
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