We specialise in a wide spectrum of shipboard systems for all types of maritime and offshore vessels. Our service team is adept at most Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Electronic systems and its instrumentation.

Scope of Services includes:

  • Retrofitting and Upgrading with New System installations
  • Refurbishment of Existing Systems
  • Troubleshoot, Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul of shipboard Systems/Equipment
  • Annual Calibration Verification and Certification of Systems, Equipment & Instruments
  • Design & Engineering Works
  • Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
  • Source and Supply Major Equipment and Systems

Our Areas of Expertise on Service, Repair and/or Supply include the following :

Engine Room / Machinery Spaces Equipment & Systems   Deck and Tank Automation Equipment & Systems
  • 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors (Rivertrace and Brannstrom BilgMon 488)
  • Engine Crankcase Oil Mist Detection System – COMD (Schaller Automation)
  • Inert Gas Systems – IGS and Inert Gas Generators – IGG (Kangrim Industries)
  • Atmosphere / Ambient Oil Mist Detection System – AOMD (Green Instruments and SPECS Vision III)
  • Shaft RPM, Power & Torque Measuring Systems – TPM / SPM (SPECS Korea)
  • Engine Room Alarm Monitoring System (Hanla IMS)
  • Boiler Control Systems / Automatic Combustion Control Systems (Kangrim Industries)
  • Temperature & Pressure Control Loops
  • Aux Engine / Generators Controls & Engine Safety Devices, Load Sharing and Synchronisation
  • Control Valves and Valve Positioners
  • Precision Pneumatic Control Instruments (Fairchild Rotork)
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Water Maker / Fresh Water Generator – RO Plant and UV Steriliser (Aquafine Trojan UVMax)
  • Incinerator Control systems
  • Fuel Oil Viscosity Control, Viscotherm and Viscosense Systems
  • Carbon Emission Monitoring System – CEMS (Green Instruments)
  • Ballast Water Treatment System – BWTS
  • Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System – VRC (Hanla IMS, Nordic Flow Control and Nakakita)
  • HPU, Solenoid Valve Cabinet, Valve Position Indicator – VPI, Actuators (Hanla IMS, Nordic Flow Control and Nakakita)
  • Metritape Tank Gauging System – Vanguard IV & Sentry IV (JOWA USA – ex Consilium)
  • Cargo & Ballast Tank Monitoring Systems (Hanla IMS)
  • Cargo Tank, Ballast Tank and Draft Level Gauging System (Hanla IMS)
  • Cargo Tank Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Detection System (Marinelec)
  • Fixed Gas Detection System / Fixed Gas Sampling System – FGSS (Riken Keiki and Hanla IMS)
  • Portable Gas Detectors – Single & Multigas (Riken Keiki – RK)
  • Crane and Deck Machinery Winches / Windlass Control Systems (Oriental Precision & Engineering)
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment – ODME (Rivertrace and Brannstrom Cleantrack)
  • Oil In Water Analysers - for Produced water (Rivertrace)
  • Level Instruments, Service Tanks level gauges (Hanla IMS)
  • Air Purge Bubbling, Electro-Pneumatic Pressure, Mechanical Float Type, Radar Type Tank Level Gauges (Hanla IMS, Whessoe, Nakakita, Auxitrol, Musasino)
  • Safety Valves – Air Release Vacuum Breaker Valve and High Velocity P/V valves
  • Portable UTI Tank Measuring and Sampling equipment (Hermetic, MMC, Tanktech)
  • Vapour Emission Control System
  • Loading Computer
  • Water Ingress System
  • Oil Flow Meter Calibration (by Ultrasonic or Mechanical test)
Accommodation & Wheelhouse Automation   Specialised Services
  • PAGA / Public Address, Intercoms, Talk-Back, Paging (MRC)
  • Auto-Telephone Exchange System – PABX (MRC)
  • CCTV Surveillance System – Explosion Proof EX-type (MRC)
  • Sound Powered Telephone – SPT (MRC)
  • Master Clock System (MRC)
  • Fire Alarm System (Marinelec)
  • Fire & Gas Detection System (Marinelec, Hanla IMS and Riken Keiki)
  • CO2 Fire Alarm System (Marinelec and Tyco)
  • Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System – BNWAS
  • Ship Elevator and Dumbwaiter (DELCO – DaeMyung Elevator)
  • Thermographic survey of Electrical Switchgear, Electrical Systems and Components
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Servicing of Air Circuit Breakers – ACB and Main Switchboards – MSB
  • SCADA / HMI / MMI Software & Configuration
  • Calibration of various equipment and instruments – Oil Flow Meter, Torque Wrench, Pressure & Temperature Calibrator
  • Hull Protection – ICCP and MGPS
Fire Fighting System (NK Co Ltd – The Safety and NKTECH)
  • CO2 System – High & Low Pressure
  • Hi-Expansion Foam Extinguishing System
  • Dry Powder Extinguishing System
  • INERGEN – Alt to Halon (52% nitrogen, 40% argon, 8% carbonic acid)
  • Water Spray Extinguishing System
  • Water Mist
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Alu/Steel Helideck c/w Fire Fighting System
Sinco Automasi
  PLO 755, Jalan Keluli 11, Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.  
Core Expertise
Core Expertise
Core Expertise
  Our Work & Services
Our Work & Services
Our Work & Services
  Marine System
Marine System
Marine System
Sinco Automasi Sdn. Bhd.

PLO 755, Jalan Keluli 11,
Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate,
81700 Pasir Gudang,
Johor, Malaysia.

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